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Mofily, an American company dedicated to smart technologies launched a Kickstarter campaign for YoCam, the world’s smallest all-in-one smart camera. The idea was to develop one camera that integrates the functions of GoPro, DropCam, Selfie Camera, Dash Cam and many ones. 

YoCam is highly portable and weighs only 2 oz. What’s fascinating about it is that it’s the first camera of that size to feature a number of advanced technologies such as MoSteady stabilization technology, HDR and a P2P remote internet connection. One of YoCam’s most important features is that it doesn’t need a special housing for shooting underwater since it’s waterproof up to 20 feet. 

White YoCam On The Table

YoCam is very small, easy to use and weighs just 2 oz.

YoCam is extremely simple to use, whether you want to take a selfie or a group photo. It has a 140° super wide angle and is suitable for taking photos when the light is low. For continuous photos, just press and hold the shutter for 2 seconds and Life-Log preset mode will do the rest. It’s easy to switch to video mode and you can use YoCam as a Dash Cam to record your ride.

YoCam mounted on a bike

YoCam can be used for all sort of situations, from taking selfies and group photos, to recording your ride.

Just like we said, YoCam can be used in a number of situations. For example, it’s great for active sports since it has many advanced settings like burst shot, slow motion, delayed shot and time lapse.

After you’re done taking photos and videos, use the Mofily mobile app to edit, publish and share your moments. There’s one very cool feature of the app, and that’s the option to put your favourite photos into a collection and you’ll get a hard copy photo book delivered to your door. 

YoCam Black And White

YoCam comes in black and white.

YoCam comes in white and black. There are many ways to accessorize it. You can get a Bluetooth remote, pendant cord, clip and clamp mount, magnetic stand, pole mount, floating wrist strap and even a special dog harness.

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