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Earphones are not something scarce. But if you try to make them differently they can become a unique item. This is definitely the case with Woodbuds. They’re handmade wooden earphones with noise-isolating-in-ear design, which means they are made to block the surrounding noise. Woodbuds are made of Plantation Hardwood and include 3 spare ear tip sizes because, after all, not all ears are made equal. They are lightweight and available in 6 bold colors. A premium flat cable is included, with gold plated connector.



Woodbuds packaging

They come in this recyclable package



If you choose to buy, they come in 100% recyclable packaging. A handmade carry pouch comes along as well, which is 100% cotton. They can be used with iPhone®, iPod®, iPad®, Android®, and Blackberry®. Lightweight, with premium comfort, superior sound quality and small carbon footprint, they are something to consider buying.

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