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If you’re a nature lover and also you love running, you probably own some good running shoes already. However, we’re sure that nothing you already have stored in your closet is like the Adidas Women’s Response TR Boost Shoes. These are classic trail running shoes and they function great on gravel roads, the steep mountain grades and everything in between. These shoes are built with revolutionary boost technology that improves your running performance and provides additional comfort.

The boost technology featured in the Response TR Boost’s midsoles has energy-returning properties to make every step you take lighter, faster and bursting with energy. Besides putting the spring in your step, these shoes have a durable upper and a rubber outsole. The Continental™ Rubber outsole provides a no-slip grip, even in wet conditions, thanks to the texture that resembles that on mountain bike tires. The cozy and soft sock construction provides comfort.


Adidas Women's Response TR Boost Shoes, grey/white, tilted, one behind another, oriented in opposite directions. White background.

Adidas Women’s Response TR Boost Shoes feature a durable textile upper and comfortable sock-like construction

For added support, there are synthetic overlays on the textile upper. The Response TR Boost Shoes also feature 3 stripes that are made of seat belt webbing. The no-tongue construction provides plenty of room for movement while there’s still enough support. The shoes are a bit wider and that’s an advantage if we consider the fact that your feet will swell during activity. All of these features make these running shoes fit comfortably while still providing high-performance.

Adidas Women's Response TR Boost Shoes outsole, laid on the side, on a white background.

The Continental™ Rubber outsole inspired by mountain bike tires provides an excellent grip


Adidas Women's Response TR Boost Shoe, grey/white, tilted, on a white background.

The boost technology makes these shoes your best friends as it provides great energy return

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