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Who doesn’t love leggings? They work with everything, they make our figures look good (even post-Thanksgiving) and they keep us warm, especially in winter.  Right at the beginning of the winter season, you need to check out these Women’s Gaspe Leggings by Roots 

Two girls wearing black and white Gaspe Leggings

These native-americanesque print Gaspe Leggings show off Roots’ Canadian heritage

If you are going for natural and cozy fabrics this winter, there’s no better option than Gaspe Leggings. They’re made of 74% cotton, with an addition of some polyester, viscose, nylon and spandex. Thanks to these additional materials, they’ll be snug while still being composed mostly of natural materials. They come in the always fashionable black & white and black & grey combinations that will (obviously) go with pretty much every top you have in mind.

Two girls wearing black and white Gaspe Leggings

Wear it with whatever you want – they look comfy AF

The leggings are super-easy to maintain: just reverse them before washing or ironing and you’re safe. Machine wash in cold water and they’ll be as good as new, Ready for your next trip into the cold.

Get them from Roots here.

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