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No matter how much more accommodating electronic readers are, some folks still like to feel the paper when they read books and comics. It’s somewhat the same with notepads. Every smartphone has applications that simulate the notepad, yet some people still want to use pen and paper. Well then, Wrinkle and Crease is there to help you with their Weekly Planner Notepad.

Weekly planner notepad with pencil

It has 52 pages, which of course correspond to 52 weeks in a year. It’s handmade of 100% recycled Kraft paper, has a chipboard backing and black ink print. It has a place to write down what week it is, and horizontal columns with working days as titles spread over most of the notebook. A specially marked space is made for the weekend to write your plans. Hopefully you have something special lined up.

The size is 9.75″ x 6.75″. It ships worldwide from Canada.

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