VITL Vitamins 28 Day Supply

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Leading a busy life (drinking from the Christmas season, right through to New Year’s) can often mean not paying much attention to health. Staying fit requires time, and when you don’t have enough it might become less of a priority. Keeping in mind that health should always come first, a team of fitness and nutritional experts developed VITL, a 28-day supply of necessary vitamin and minerals.

There are 4 capsules for each day that together cover all the nutritional bases. They are made of sustainably sourced high-quality ingredients and have no artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners or flavorings. Capsules are also free of gluten, lactose, dairy products, yeast, salt, wheat and maize. 

VITL Vitamins 28 Day Supply Capsules

VITL includes 4 capsules that contain all the necessary nutritional supply for a healthier life.

In the pack you’ll get a fortifying multivitamin tablet that contributes to general health and wellbeing. There’s also a focus-improving krill oil soft gel and a protective co-enzyme Q10 tablet that plays a huge role in energy metabolism. Last but not least is the replenishing super greens capsule that’s full of antioxidants and nutrients. 

Capsules come in very convenient daily strips. You can tear them off and take with you for the day. The VITL app is also available for download and has a lot of inspiring content to keep you motivated to lead a healthier life. But let’s be honest, it’s best if you can combine VITL with regular exercise.

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