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Vinyl Me, Please tries to bring back the holistic approach to record listening, in light of the recent surge of popularity of vinyl. That means the album is a complete work of art, which consists not only of the music on it, but the album cover as well. Vinyl, according to them, “creates an environment for this connection through deep, active listening…the music as the focus, rather than just background noise.” So each month they pick an album they think is worthy of time and attention. They package it with a 12” x 12” album inspired cover and custom cocktail pairing recipe that enhances the listening experience.

Vinyl Me Please shipment

It arrives like this

And that’s not all folks. By subscribing, each week you receive via email The Standard, which includes playlists, downloads, interviews and member exclusive content. You also gain access to the store, allowing you to buy records from their archive plus a selection of curated records at special pricing and free shipping (US limited unfortunately). Also, extra goodies come in every once in a while. Vinyl fans, this one is for you!

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