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Signing up for newsletters is quite easy, but as the number of subscriptions goes up, email checking becomes a chore. Especially if we include Facebook, Twitter and other social media’s with their emails. It can be difficult to sort out important emails from the rest. You have an option to unsubscribe from each newsletter, but they actually might be useful and it could take a long time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pile all of your newsletters in one single daily email? Cue the drum roll, and enter Unroll.Me.

This application identifies your subscription emails and lists them for you. If you find some unwanted subscriptions in this pile, it gives you the option to unsubscribe with one click. When you get rid of the junk, you can create a daily digest of your favorite subscriptions, which is called the Rollup. You choose what will be in the Rollup and when you will receive it. Suppose you want to see your favorites early in the morning? Set it up so that you receive daily digest at 7am, for instance.


Unroll.Me categorizes your subscriptions in the Rollup, so it’s easy to find the ones you want to see. If by any chance, you want to see your subscription individually, all the emails in the Rollup will be in your email client in a folder named “Unroll.Me”. This elegant, useful app is available on every device.

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