Trobla | Wooden Amplifier for Smartphones

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Three friends, one old carpentry shop, and an amazing result  ̶  Trobla. This wooden amplifier is made to fit many smartphone models. The idea behind it was to incorporate a sustainable and environmental friendly approach to modern electronic devices.

Trobla is really small and lightweight. It’s completely made of locally sourced and certified Slovenian wood. It has a system of detachable pieces, and in order to fit a different smartphone, all you have to do is interchange the adapter pieces. 

Trobla Wooden Amplifier On a Wooden Desk

To fit different smartphone types, just change the adapter piece.

After many prototypes, the best solution was to make it a cone form with a hollowed chamber, so the sound can travel smoothly. The specially designed chamber enhances the stereophony and low frequencies, resulting in a high quality sound.

Trobla Wooden Amplifier Outside

The name trobla means horn in Slovenian.

The best part about Trobla is that it’s super easy to use. You don’t have to plug it or charge it, just put your phone in it, and the sound is instantly amplified. The only electronic component is your smartphone. 

White Trobla Amplifier

Trobla is available in different types of wood.

Trobla is reliable, because it always works. No cables or batteries, just a piece of finely crafted wood. It comes in two types of wood  ̶  walnut and maple.

Trobla is made by Tok Tok, a Slovenian furniture company. To check out more products from Tok Tok, go to their website.



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