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Jewelry has always been a crucial accessory for standing out, and the industry is still blooming. Necklaces and body chains always draw a lot of attention, and so will the Tiny Diamonds & Oval Coins Body Chain by Diana Ho designs. This dainty body chain is handmade using 14k gold and Swarovski diamonds. A lot of effort was put into this piece and much attention was paid to the tiny details as making this kind of jewelry is a very delicate job.

The Tiny Diamonds & Oval Coins Body Chain is water safe so it won’t tarnish over time. The tiny Swarovski diamonds are connected to and placed on the oval 14k flat oval gold coins. The top necklace half is 19 inches long, the middle line is 2.5 inches while the bottom half that goes down the belly is 34 inches long. If you require different measurements, you are welcome to place a custom order for this beautiful jewelry piece.

Tiny Diamonds & Oval Coins Body Chain , worn by a woman in a black dress, upper body shot, in front of a grey background.

All eye on you when you wear the Tiny Diamonds & Oval Coins Body Chain. The gold filled chain and ovals will shine trough with the Swarovski diamonds to complete your look. Wear it with an open black dress and matching bracelet for the most powerful effect.

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