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It’s quite difficult to match our accessories, including wrist watches, to our dress code; more so than any other jewellery. We could even say that it’s almost a fine art to be able to get a watch that looks sophisticated and elegant which also perfectly matches what you are wearing. Rakani Watches has several colorful solutions for you with their new Fashionably Late Collection called ‘What Time?.

What Time Collection by Watches Rakani

The variety in this collection is refreshing. Rakani Watches is not only about supplying you with quality but also with a multitude of choices that reflect your personality and dress style. Made in the USA Rakani designed the Fashionably Late collection to remind us that our time, and hence our lives, doesn’t always have to be so structured and that it is up to us to break that mold and to be able to do that fashionably.

Rakani What Time? 32mm Gold on White Watch with Red Leather Band

Rakani Watches are all about variation and range. You can pick and choose from the one with a black leather band with a 32mm silver watch with a white face to a purple leather band on a rose gold watch, or maybe, you even fancy the red leather band. If you’re more the outgoing type, then the rose gold watch and band with a white face will definitely catch your attention. Rakani Watches are lovely to look at, elegant on the wrist and they have a genuine quality feel about it.

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