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If there’s one fabric that can be considered timeless, it must be suede. Suede is a chameleon among fabrics and has always been in fashion. It’s as relevant today as it was twenty or thirty years ago. This is also one of the most visually striking materials, and, as fashion goes, one of the biggest F/W trends this year. It’s the season’s staple and a must-have in your wardrobe. It really is a fashion winner.

The problem with suede is that it can be a bit tricky to wear. This is a slightly more demanding fabric that cannot be paired with just about anything. Because suede is considered a luxurious fabric and you have to be mindful of its texture, color and structure, here are several rules that you should obey when wearing it:

5 Ways To Wear Suede

Follow a few simple rules when wearing suede.

  1. Suede is a fall/winter fabric. Usually, wearing suede boots with bare legs or thin, breezy cotton dress looks very out of place. You need to keep the silhouette appropriate to the season and although this fabric can work for summer outfits, it’s best suited for cooler weather. However, make sure to keep your suede items away from water. Nothing can ruin suede like rain.
  1. Keep the embellishments (like fringe) balanced. Suede, in itself, is a very visually appealing material which really doesn’t need to be too dressed up. We have all seen people wearing suede items with fringe overkill. Doesn’t look pretty, does it? Aim to balance suede fringe, incorporating it in something like a handbag.
  1. Don’t go too monochrome. If you want to wear two suede items at the same time, please don’t do it in the same color. Pairing a beige suede jacket with a beige suede purse is a bit too much.
  1. Don’t be afraid of suede in vibrant colors. Yes, you can wear fuschia colored suede heels with a sunny yellow suede clutch. It will look über-modern and certainly brighten up gray winter days.

Now that we’ve established some ground rules, here are a few fashionable suede items that we would love to see you rocking this fall and winter:

1 – Burgundy Suede Jacket

Mango Suede Jacket

This trendy jacket comes in four colors.

This jacket has been a staple on almost every single runway this season. From Gucci and Trussardi to Issey Miyake, many designers showcased their own take on the classic suede jacket. Why burgundy, you may ask? Because it is a beautiful fall color that you can combine with so many other fall colors. We particularly liked this Mango Zipped Suede Jacket that can be paired with an interesting denim skirt or elegant black trousers. It is made from real, soft-touch suede leather. It is fully lined and comes with wide lapels and side zip pockets which are a great, quirky touch. The jacket has a zipped front and side pockets.

2 – Suede Skirt

Suede Black Skirt

You can combine it with almost everything.

You can go wild with this one – mini, midi or maxi, structured and stitched or soft, brown, beige, black or red…. Pick whatever your heart fancies! There’s no one length or color that fashion magazines are pushing this season. You can style a suede skirt with absolutely everything in your wardrobe – turtlenecks, V necks, blouses – and you can wear them to the office, out on a date or going out on a Saturday evening. Our pick is a lovely, flowy ASOS Suede Midi Skirt with Heavy Stitching and Tie Front in black. This skirt is also made from soft-touch real suede leather with a romantic lace-up front detail. It also has a zip back closure. It’s both classic and modern, as well as very versatile and flattering to any body shape.

3 – Suede Boots

Suede Boots

These lace shoes are 100% suede.

Suede boots have a very distinct appearance and a lovely vintage appeal. They can be elegant or sporty, of different lengths and styles. The main common denominator of all suede boots is that they are all so comfy. We were particularly taken by the Minnetonka-style suede boots after seeing them on Cameron Diaz. Again, ASOS was our go-to place to find them. Here are Minnetonka Brown Suede Front Lace Boots. These are knee high and will keep you sufficiently warm. Because they are made from very soft 100% real suede leather and have a round toe and a flat sole, they are very comfortable. They come with a stitch detailing, cute fringe trim, and lace-up fastening.

4 – Fringe Suede Bag

Suede bag

You can get the bag in beige or black.

We had to put this one on our list. As we have mentioned earlier, as long as you don’t go overboard with fringe, having one fringed suede item in your outfit is fine. The bag that we’ve found is quite striking, yet classic. It will go well with elegant and sporty attires alike. It’s the ‘Kerry’ Fringe Crossbody Bag by Sole Society and is currently available on Nordstrom’s website. This bag is an excellent example of Boho charm. It has a magnetic snap flap closure, as well as a top zip closure under the flap. There are interior and exterior zip pockets and the crossbody strap is both removable and adjustable. It comes in two colors – black and beige.

5 – Suede Hat

Suede hat

This hat is perfect for fall/winter.

Would you be surprised to hear that most women are too self-conscious to wear hats? You know, the classic ones with a wide brim. We can’t really pinpoint why that’s the case because hats look good on almost everybody – young and old – regardless of their stature, face shape or personal style. We really liked this floppy suede hat from Nastygal. It comes in popular camel color and has a floppy brim, level crown and absorbent interior band. Wear it with a nice lace top, an oversized jumper or a cute winter dress.

Hopefully, we’ve demystified and brought you closer to this wonderful, versatile fabric. You can rest assured that once you buy an item of clothing in suede, it’ll never go out of fashion and will serve you well for years to come.

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