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When you think of a bag or a wallet, the material that comes to mind is probably leather. Try to replace that image with wood and you get the product called The Wood Clutch by a Tel Aviv-based designer duo Tesler Mendelovitch (Their last names are combined to make this). To be frank, they also use leather alongside wood to make their items. And their items come in 7 variations based on the wood (with different colors, naturally) they use, plus the size can be regular (30 x 14 cm or 11.8 x 5.5 “) and XL (40 cm x 22.5 cm or 15.7 ” x 9 “).

different wood clutches

As the wood’s shape changes, so does the color.

The geometric shape might make Wood Clutch seem difficult to handle, but it’s not. It is flexible, and the wood is soft to the touch. But, on the other hand, it is definitely resilient, typical of wooden objects. The wood-based variations are the following: Tiger Rose, Creme, Emboya, Rose, Ebony, African and Americano. Wood Clutch bags include a magnetic and a soft underbelly to make gripping more comfortable. All of them are handmade and can be ordered worldwide.

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