The Undress | Version 2 SPORT

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Kickstarter’s number one women’s fashion project of all time is back. Just like the first version, The Undress v.2.0 Sport is a unique dress that helps women change clothes in public without getting buck-naked. It’s made for any woman on-the-go.

After the first successful campaign and lots of customer feedback, The Undress found many ways to be improved. It now comes with 2 new functionalities and 15 upgrades in fabrics, fit and style. So, how does it work?

Undressng the Undress - Version 2 SPORT

It’s really easy to change clothes with The Undress.

First, you take The Undress and put it up to your waist. Use the soft handle, slip it under all the top layers you’re wearing and want to take off and pull the strap over your head. Secure the cord lock and tighten the straps. Then, unzip the sides of the dress and insert your hands to remove the bottoms. At the end, you’ll easily remove the top. To dress, just do the same process, but reversed.

Dressing The Undress - Version 2 SPORT

The Undress is made for any active woman.

What the second version offers is the option to wear this dress like a skirt or a strapless dress. It can even be used as a car seat cover. As for updates, there are plenty of new ones. The Undress is now made from a new technical fabric that’s ideal for sports. It’s sweat wicking, antimicrobial, and machine and dryer friendly. This material is also stretchy, so it fits women with different body types, and with a midi length it also fits all heights.

The Towel Fabric of The Undress - Version 2 SPORT

The Undress comes in three different fabrics, many colors and patterns.

Besides this fabric, there are also two additional ones. The Lifestyle, that’s made from swimwear material, and is more stretchy and moisture friendly, and the Terry Towel that absorbs the water.

The Undress is compact, light and with performance slips allows a wide range of motion. It comes in different colors and patterns.

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