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The Oregon Trail has a special place in American history. It is a route traveled by many pioneers on their journey to America’s west. It spanned 2000 miles and spread across six states (from Missouri to the Pacific coast). Around 15 years before the Civil War, 400,000 pioneers used this trail, and this migration helped unite the American coasts, practically doubled the size of the country, and laid the foundation for the railroads. This trip hasn’t been tried for a century. Then Rinker Buck decided to take it the old-fashioned way (in a wagon with mules), with his brother Nick. That journey was recounted in Buck’s new book The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey.

The trip itself was inspired by the compound of Rinker’s life crisis and his general love for adventuring, a character trait inherited from his father. He already wrote about another great adventure he and his brother undertook in Flight of Passage. The bros are on the road again, this time joined by three mules and a Jack Russell terrier called Olive Oyl. On their way they meet all kinds of folks, experience all kinds of dangers, and learn more about themselves. This book is also filled with neat historical info about the time and the trail, aside from being a personal odyssey.

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