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If you’re sensitive to the cold weather, the Napsack is perfect for you. Winter is here, and this is an ideal item for wearing around the house during the cold days. It can also be useful in summer when you go camping in the woods and for going on summer trips and attending music festivals. Basically, whenever you feel that your core temperature has dropped, jump into it and you’ll feel warm and cozy in no time.

The Napsack is designed to function both as a sleeping bag and as a jacket. You can hike it up to your waist and cinch it to wear it as a coat. You can also stick your arms out thanks to zippers conveniently located at the shoulders. A cinch at the bottom is the feature that allows you to stick your legs out so that you don’t have to leave the warmth and coziness of this great sleeping bag when you need to relocate.

Two girls in blue and orange Napsacks

Whenever you feel you need to keep your body temperature – hop into the Napsack.

If you’re the type of person that can’t leave the cell phone behind, the Napsack comes with a chest pocket. You can fit your phone into the pocket and stick your headphones through the pass-through hole for a greater experience. This wearable sleeping bag also has pockets just like a puffer coat. It’s made of synthetic fiber and a soft microfiber body, with leather tabs that cinch the hood. The Napsack can achieve the temperature of about 50 degrees. It comes is available is sizes ranging from S to XL and you can pack it up into a compression sack. This will make it compact and very easy to carry with you wherever you go.

A girl in red Napsack camping

Made of synthetic fiber and a soft microfiber body, Napsack can achieve up to 50 degrees temperature.

Thanks to the Napsack, you’ll always stay warm, mobile, and be able to carry the little essentials with you. The funky design and lively colors of the Rainbro Napsack will certainly break the monotony of dull-colored camping equipment.

Get it from Poler here.

A girl sitting in the nature in Napsack

Enjoy your camping trips with the Napsack that’s going to keep you awesome looking and warm at the same time.

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