The MakeUp Eraser

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You were wearing heavy makeup for your night out and now you’re struggling to get it off? With The MakeUp Eraser, your life’ll get much easier and your skin will be grateful, that’s for sure.  An ultra-soft woven polyester-bend cloth, measuring about the size of your face (obvs),  very simple to use, completely reusable and can last up to 1000 washes in the washing machine.

The MakeUp Eraser will help you remove all the makeup from your face, including waterproof eyeliner and mascara, HD makeup and much more. Simply add some warm water to it and you’ll be able to remove all types of makeup, even stage, sports, and theatrical makeup. Since there are no chemicals and perfumes used, this product is perfect even for the most sensitive skin types. All you need to do is wet the soft cloth and wipe away the makeup.

The MakeUp Eraser, pink ,original packaging and unrolled cloth on a white surface.

The MakeUp Eraser is very soft and chemical-free and all you need to do is wet it with warm water and wipe away

The MakeUp Eraser will provide a soft, fresh and clean skin feeling without any makeup residue. Just like there will be no trails of makeup on your face, there’ll be no stains on the cloth either once you wash it in the washing machine. There’s no more need for the disposable products that slowly drain your home budget. This reusable makeup remover has a soft hand-sewn sateen edge, and it’s available in pink, black, red, and blue.

The MakeUp Eraser, black an pink, 2 rolled pieces of cloth and four packagings laid on one another on a white background.

The MakeUp Eraser is reusable and you can simply wash it in a washing machine

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