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Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star is a dinosaur among sneakers but it survived the ice age, and for almost a century it has been the world’s most successful line of sneakers. Recently they’ve decided to present a new model, quite originally called Chuck II (it must have been a serious brainstorm to choose the name). But why, oh why would somebody change the winning team? The reason might shock you. It’s a tiny element of clothing that we call comfort. Chuck has been quite good looking even for its age, but it hasn’t been the most comfortable sneaker around.

The Chuck Taylor All Star II  Converse

That has been changed with a few introductions. Lunarlon stockliner provides more cushioning and arch support for your soles. Super soft micro-suede lining is there as well, perforated for maximized comfort. The non-slip tongue is now padded, for 360 degree comfort around the ankle and instep. The premium canvas on the outside allows for high quality touch and texture.

Michelle Obama wearing Chuck taylor

Those of you who have special love for the old Chuck Taylor, have two reasons to stop worrying. First one is that the new design, aesthetically speaking, is barely different from the old. It has high-top and low-top version and comes in black, salsa red, socialite blue and white color. Second one is that the original Chuck Taylor is not going anywhere, that is, it will be sold alongside the new model. Albeit the new model will be a bit more pricey. The retail price will be $70 for the low-top and $75 for the high-top starting July 28.

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