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If you’ve been looking for some high-quality classic boots with modern details, look no further! The Everlane Chelsea Boots are made in Italy, just like all the most beautiful shoes in the world. These bring you style and comfort that can’t be matched. Their timeless look and design will make you look like a classy individual with a good sense of taste and an eye for detail.

The Chelsea Boots are Everlane’s first pair of boots ever! Yet, the brand has gained such customer trust that these were pre-ordered by more than 3000 people! One of the reasons for this is probably that they run true to size. This means that if you’re a size 6, you can order size 6 without a second thought. And they’ll fit perfectly! You don’t have to worry about how they’ll fit you like normally would when ordering over the internet.

A pair of burgundy Chelsea Boots by Everlane. Side and bottom view.

The Everlane Chelsea Boot is a classic, elegant boot with modern details for people with refined taste.

These boots have a classic look and their silhouette will catch everyone’s eye. The color choices include black, gray, burgundy, and camel, so you can match them with virtually anything! Some suggestions would be to pair them up with beat up jeans, tailored pants, or a simple black dress. The Chelsea boot features the brand’s signature detail, the contrast heel, and squared-off double elastic sides. This boot’s comfort matches its beauty so you if you want to wear it around all day, you won’t experience any discomfort.

Camel and burgundy Chelsea Boots, worn with beat up jeans, side view.

The color choices and the design of these boots make them easy to combine with your clothing.

The Chelsea Boot is made from full grain Italian leather, while the squared elastic gores give it a classy look and an easy fit. There’s also an elastic tab for easy pull on. The thing that separates this shoe from other Everlane shoes is a wider foot bed. Although classic in design, this boot is enriched with modern details. The ¾ inch leather heel with contrast rubber accent gives it a recognizable mark of quality and style, as well as great durability.

Black Everlane Chelsea Boot, heel and bottom view.

Made from 100% Italian leather, and with a wider footbed, they’re as comfortable as they’re stylish.

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