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The Bunsen Designer Oil Burner is designed with a science grade boiling flask which helps unlock the aromas of oils, and gently humidifies room with infused water vapor. The creator, BORRstore made it to be quite versatile. It has an adjustable arm to create different angles and intensities of heat. It can use candles of different size. It can be used as a decorative vase for flowers or foliage. This makes it a great gift, since whoever receives it, can use it to its own pleasure.

Bunsen Designer Oil Burner with a flower

Can be used in various ways

As for the instructions, it works best when the boiling flask is filled with 50ml of water and at least 3 drops of essential oil. The height of the top of the clamp is 20 cm. Its base is 6.5cm wide and 15cm long. It’s handmade with kiln dried wood and a select piece of Australian spotted gum. It ships worldwide from Bayswater, Australia.

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