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For all of you who choose paper over digital, here are simple and elegant notebooks you’ll fall in love with instantly. The Textures by Nature Notebook Collection is made by PASiNGA, a design studio from London that offers a huge collection of black and white art photography, modern sculptures and home decor accessories.

This collection is developed with a commitment to quality, minimalism, texture and design. It consists of three notebooks, all made from recycled paper. There’s the Venice Marble Notebook inspired by wonderful Venice architecture that often features marble. The second one is the Lines of Wood Notebook, with captivating tree cracks and lines and the third one is the Beach Notebook.

Textures by Nature Notebook Collection Two Notebooks

Textures is a minimalistic collection of three black and white notebooks.

All three notebooks are A6 and have a nice black rubber band. Besides the paper, the printing is also 100% eco-friendly. Textures notebooks can be used for writing, drawing or sketching. They can be a perfect pocket diary and a great gift for storytellers. And if you haven’t done it already, use it (or any of these other great notebooks) to put down some New Year’s intentions.

Textures by Nature Notebook Collection Beach

The notebooks are made from recycled paper.


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