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It seems that Meriwether of Montana has taken a page from spiceologist book. They also wish to make a more attractive place for your spices. So their new product is a test tube spice rack from solid walnut and can be pinned to a wall. On the rack, you place test tubes with cork tops. It’s useful, because you can recognize your spices even without the label (although some stickers would make them even more fun), and you can reach them quickly. It also looks very nice, which shouldn’t be underestimated. Seven spices in total can be put on the rack.

test tube spice rack

Magnificent seven tubes for your spices

A great way to feel like a mad scientist and a chef at the same time. Or it can be a great present for fellow cuisine enthusiasts/mad scientists. Test tube spice rack is handcrafted and ships from Montana to select countries. The price includes test tubes as well.

test tube spice rack

You can label your test tubes or not.

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