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Teeki activewear is a line of clothing that is meant for outdoor activities and prides itself (or rather the designers pride themselves) by being eco-friendly. Their ecological consciousness shows itself in using recycled goods. Recycling is something like a reincarnation for plastic products, really. The derivative could be much more different than the original. You will be surprised that, these tight, superhero-like outfits were made from plastic bottles. How? In five steps:

  1. Guys and girls at Teeki pick up plastic PET containers at community recycling centers and sort them by type and color.
  2. They strip the containers of their labels and caps and wash, crush, and chop them into flakes.
  3. They melt the flakes into consistently shaped pellets. The pellets are melted and extruded to make fiber.
  4. The fiber is then crimped, cut drawn, stretched and baled.
  5. Then they process the baled fiber into fabric for their products.

Teeki Activewear

Pretty great way to dispose of our short-term plastic bottles. And my, the things they make from those! Since they are fascinated with nature, what they make is of course oriented towards it. These outfits are made to be worn when practicing yoga, working out in the gym, dancing, doing sports. It’s all about the motion. Apart from being super-tight and recycled, they have the most imaginative patterns drawn on them. They combine their love of nature with mystic spirituality, at times bordering with psychedelic imagery.

Teeki Activewear

All of their products are made in California. The reason is a little drop of local patriotism in the designers’ blood. Aside from the ecological reasons, they also want to create jobs in US.

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Teeki Activewear

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