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Technical Cashmere™ (or Quemir) is the newest product of the famous Lululemon family (the people behind famous yoga pants) under Kit and Ace banner. With this product they aim to “reduce fabric maintenance while preserving the luxurious quality you can’t live without”. Cashmere is definitely luxurious, but it also demands high maintenance. So they made Technical Cashmere™, a soft, resilient clothing that can be machine washed, unlike regular cashmere. It’s a blend of 81 percent viscose, 10 percent elastane and 9 percent cashmere. It’s advantages are numerous.

Two models with technical cashmere

Kit and Ace line deals with both upper body and lower body apparel

It has extra fabric along the hemline, so your shirt won’t flip up. Double fabric on high contact areas that makes sure nothing rubs. Grommets for ventilation, sewn seams for comfort, t-shirts without the bulk fabric on your back, added elastane, grosgrain neckline and removable neck-tags. Above the waist, garments are pre-shrunk, so you don’t have to worry about their look after you wash them. As for the pants, there are grommets for ventilation, then an extra layer of soft fabric on itchy places, a hidden pocket for phone or credit card, articulated knees without bunching or tugging, and added stretch for unrestrained movement.
Basically, it looks like luxurious wear, but performs like athletic wear.

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