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Furniture company Vitra is giving us a blast from the past.  Sunburst Clock, as designed by George Nelson is a re-edition of his classic timepiece. It has high grade quartz movement, which alone makes it “at least an order of magnitude more accurate than mechanical clocks.”, according to wikipedia The clock itself is made of wood with metal face, and with it’s design it mimics the sun, a nice throwback to the oldest timekeeper in history. It uses AA battery, which is included if you choose to buy. It comes in multi-color, natural oak, red and walnut.

Closeup of Sunburst Clock

Timekeeping could be described as a bedrock of modern civilization. Everything we do is measured in time, since humans are believed to be the only animals that are aware that their life has an expiration date. So we put clocks all over; in our houses, on our wrists, in public spaces, on our mobile phones. Wall clocks are becoming outdated, replaced by digital clocks which, although practical, have very little ornamental value. But we are not just practical beings, otherwise we wouldn’t have art. Sunburst Clock is made with that in mind.

It has a both retro and futuristic appeal. Kind of like a science fiction film from the fifties. The wooden imitations of sun rays beautifully correspond to the five minute intervals of the clock template. The hour hand has a triangle shape on the end, and the minute hand an elliptical one. Telling time might be just a bit more enjoyable with Sunburst Clock.

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Sunburst Clock by George Nelson

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