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They were around for nearly 200 years, everybody was using them because they had so many applications and all of a sudden they were gone. Today, they are mostly collector’s item. Can you guess what are we talking about? They are wooden sticks with solidified Phosphorus Sesquisulfide and Potassium Chlorate on the other end; more commonly known as matches. Or, in the case of a Swedish artist and graphic designer Clara Von Zweigbergk, they could be even considered a piece of art. Together with her husband, American product designer Shane Schneck, Clara created a collection of vibrantly colored cardboard matchboxes called Strike.

The Strike Matchbox Collection

The Strike matchboxes, which have been launched under the Danish brand called Hay, have only one decoration and that is the red phosphorus ink which is used for striking matches. If you remember, on traditional matchboxes, the striking stripe is usually reserved for one or both sides of the matchbox, but, in the case of the Strike collection, it covers the entire surface. Schneck explains: “We simply flipped the space devoted to the activity of creating a flame. 99% of matchboxes are used only for advertising.”

Strike Matchbox by Hay

The matchboxes come in several different sizes and a wonderful variety of seven bright colors – Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Orange, Turquoise, Light Blue, Mint Green, and Apricot. The Strike matchbox collection is the winner of the 2014 Wallpaper Design Award and a nominee for the 2014 Swedish Design Award.

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