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Staybowlizer (clever, right?) is a kitchen item that keeps bowls steady on all surfaces and allows for easier double boiling. It works in 2 ways. First one is facing upwards, so it can hold bowls steady or at an angle for whisking purposes. When it is facing downwards, a bowl can be pressed into the Staybowlizer and suction will keep it there; you just put the bowl on the Staybowlizer and push down on the rim. Also, you no longer need a separate double boiler pan. Instead, put the Staybowlizer on top of the sauce pan and it will hold a top bowl in place. With these options, you can whisk, whip and mix with one hand and keep the other hand free to add ingredients. You will also protect your countertop from hot pans.

red Staybowlizer

Comes in different colors

Made by Now Designs, Staybowlizer is a great alternative to damp towels under skidding bowls. It is BPA free and heat resistant to 260 degrees C/500 degrees F. It is good in healthcare settings, on RVs, boats and with pet bowls. It is made of silicone and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Simply think of it as a helping hand in the kitchen.

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