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The Village Gifts is a jewelry making shop which specializes in handmade jewelry with a message. Some type of a message is always etched on their products, which mostly are various rings. Makes sense, some advice’s are good to have on your fingers, like “carpe diem” or “this too shall pass”. But today we are showcasing a ring with a more existentialist tip. It says:”Stay weird“. That’s kind of a hard thing to forget, but just in case. Joking aside, it probably means to say that you shouldn’t conform to every rule society tries to impose on you, and let yourself be different.

The ring is made of aluminium and the message is hand stamped on the outside of the ring. On the inside there is a small infinity symbol. We get it, stay weird forever. The ring itself has a snake-like shape so it is in line with its message. The aluminium is pure 1100 FOOD GRADE, so it won’t change color or tarnish. It is also generally better than sterling silver for your skin, that is, causes less reactions. The ring is adjustable but you will have to specify your size when you order. It ships worldwide from Ohio, USA.

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