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Keeping your spices in jars is boring. And since no one wants to be boring, especially in the kitchen, Spiceologist made something to remedy that. An amalgam of knife block and spice rack made out of European Beech. This spice block is filled with 22 glass vials of fresh spice. You can engrave it as well, to mark your territory.

cork tops of spiceologist tubes

Every cork has a stamp to indicate its content

It’s not just creativity but also practical reasons that were behind this handmade invention. You can access your spice much faster this way. On every vial there is a cork which is hand stamped with the name of the spice. Each tube is also hand filled. Naturally, you can choose which spice you want with the block.

Because of the “handy” approach of the creators, no two spiceologist blocks are exactly alike. Corks and tubes can be bought separately, and a nifty nutmeg grater. And if you are in doubt about what to buy to someone, a spiceologist gift card can be a good choice.

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