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Simply put, Soylent is a meal replacement beverage. It has all the nutritious requirements for the average adult and is available in liquid and powder form. It’s approved by the FDA and the Institute of Medicine and has all the elements of a healthy diet, including low amounts of sugar and no saturated fats or cholesterol. 

Soylent Drink

Soylent is made from natural and healthy ingredients.

Soylent is made so it contains all the healthy ingredients for the nutrition of the entire body. The drink contains soy protein, algal oil, isomaltulose and different vitamins and minerals. Soy protein will improve digestion, make the drink smoother in texture and provide more amino acids. Algal oil will make sure you get plenty of energy and essential fatty acids since it contains many important natural resources. Isomaltulose is responsible for sustaining energy and each bottle has one-fifth of all essential micronutrients.

Soylent Drink

Soylent has a subtle flavor, smooth texture and it comes in a recyclable bottle.

Soylent is vegan, lactose-free and nut-free, and has a smooth texture and a subtle flavor. Soylent drink comes in a recyclable bottle. The powder formula has different, but also nutritious and healthy ingredients including brown rice protein, oat flour, sunflower oil and all essential vitamins and minerals. Brown rice has all the essential amino acids, zero cholesterol and trans fats. Oat flour will provide all the nutrients necessary and sunflower oil contains monounsaturated healthy lipids. This way, whether  you use a drink or a powder formula, both have all all you need for a healthy diet.  You can use it whenever you wish, whether is on a Saturday morning for breakfast or on your next trek. 

Soylent powder

The powder formula also has all the necessary nutrients.

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