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Aromatherapy can bring you energy, harmony or a way to relax. Soul Sunday Aromatherapy Rollers can do just that. Made using different essential oils, they’re small, palm-sized bottles and can easily be carried around in your bag or pocket. Use them when wanting to add that extra bit of relaxation or energy to your mood.

You can apply these beautifully scented oils to wrists, temples and back of the neck. All you have to do is wait for the skin to absorb the oily goodness. These magical oils help soothe, awaken, and relax. If you want immediate results, place them under your nose. 

A Girl Applying Soul Sunday Aromatherapy Rollers On Wrist

You can use Soul Sunday Aromatherapy Rollers as often as you wish.

Each one is different. Even Keel is a blend of sweet and soft lavender oils, perfect for relaxing, calming the mind and giving you a good night sleepNo Worries is made of citrus oil and will encourage the flow of creativity and bring well-being to your senses.

Unicorn Oil Soul Sunday Aromatherapy Roller With And Without The Cap On

Soul Sunday Aromatherapy Rollers are the size of a palm and can fit anywhere.

All-Nighter will stimulate your brain, help with headaches and give you focus, and Unicorn will make you feel good and bring you harmony. You can use it on your temples, pulse and pressure points. Also, these aromatherapy rollers are completely natural and vegan

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