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When a notepad has “Do Something Awesome” scrawled across its front, it immediately sparks your interest, doesn’t it? The rationale behind this wonderful product, designed by Chad and Meg Gleason (the founders of the Iowa-based Moglea Studio), is that there’s no time like NOW to become and do something awesome. And we are all capable of becoming and being awesome!


The Do Something Awesome notepad might just help you to awaken that adventurous spirit in you. Use it to write down your innermost thoughts, plans and desires. Be creative and limitless! Read your jotted-down thoughts every day for inspiration and live them out. This notepad is just a tool that will help you to reach your goals regardless of how small or big they are.


The Do Something Awesome notepad is made from 50 sheets of paper with bright orange painted edges, and is completely handmade. Each stationary piece made by Chad and Meg are one-of-a-kind and they are crafted by incorporating dip dye, watercolor and collage. Just like the Do Something Awesome notepad, every product they design is printed on high quality paper using an antique letterpress and thoughtfully assembled in the Moglea studio. To quote the designers – everything they do is crafted with joy.

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