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The long, cold, dreaded winter is coming and keeping warm will become our number one concern very soon, particularly when it comes to feet. The socks that we’re featuring today will definitely do the job of keeping your feet pleasantly warm. They’re Solmate Socks and they’re quirky, colorful and, best of all, mismatched. To quote the manufacturer: “Life is too short for matching socks!”

Solmate Socks

These colorful socks will keep your feet warm in the cold days.

Solmate Socks come in 32 whimsical multi-patterned designs and colors. They’re completely made in the USA from environmentally friendly recycled cotton yarns. Since the gift season is just around the corner, they’ll definitely make a unique present for people of all ages; men, women and kids alike. Adult sizes range from small to extra large (from 6 to 12+ for women and from 5 to 14 for men). Also, these socks are available for children and babies.

Solmate Socks designs

They come in many different colors and designs.

Solmate Socks are not too thick or too thin. They’re certainly not like your chunky wool socks but are definitely thicker than the regular cotton knee sock. Because they’re made from cotton, they’re very soft and breathable. In terms of colors and patterns, you’re definitely spoiled for choice because all tastes and preferences are covered. You can also wear Solmate Socks around the house instead of slippers – they’re thick and comfortable enough.

Get them from Amazon here.

Solmate Socks in the grass

Solmate Socks are made from cotton, and they are very soft.

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