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Scented candles fill the space with refreshing and relaxing aromas and make your entire room smell wonderful. Just imagine curling up with a good book or a Christmas movie and lighting this holiday candle. It can also be a cool gift for someone special.

Snowflora Soy Candles come in three scents- Orange Clove, Balsam & Cedar, Snowflakes & Icicles. Each one has a special combination of fragrances.

Orange Clove Balsam & Cedar

Orange Clove and Balsam & Chedar scents.

Orange Clove is a mixture of pomegranate, hyacinth, plum, pine, cedarwood, cinnamon and nutmeg scents. It’s well-spiced and brings out that warm feeling. 

Balsam & Cedar, on the other hand, has a woody base of pine and fir needles, with a bit of cinnamon, orange and berry.

Snowflakes & Icicles

Refreshing Snowflakes & Icicles Candle.

The one that will refresh you instantly is the Snowflakes & Icicles candle. It’s a combination of mint, eucalyptus, fir, peppermint, lemon, spearmint and vanilla. 

Each candle is vegetable-paraffin wax blended and hand poured. They come in a cute tin and can burn up to 32 hours. 

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