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Did you know that one of the most efficient exercises for burning calories is jumping rope? Believe it or not, using a jumping rope for just 10-20 minutes per day is much more efficient than running for miles. In fact, jumping rope burns more than ten calories a minute! Take a Sweaty Betty Skipping Rope and build up a sweat in no time. It’ll give you a chance to tone up your butt, legs, your arms, and shoulders, not to mention the great calorie burn (more wine? oh yes please)..

What you need for this great workout is simply one of Sweaty Betty’s ropes and a little bit of space. It’s recommended to perform the exercise on a durable, solid floor or impact mat. Besides toning up your body and burning calories,  skipping rope also helps build coordination.

A man and a woman jumping rope, white background.

Grab a skipping rope and start jumping to tone up your body and burn calories!

The Sweaty Betty Skipping rope is great for professional sportsmen and amateurs, who strive to improve their stamina and cardio. Since it’s a longer-length rope, Sweaty Betty’s can be customized according to height. The length can be adjusted simply by unscrewing the rope from the handles and then re-tightened.

Portrait of a woman in sports equipment, with a jump rope hanging around her neck.

Break a sweat with this skipping rope both outdoors and indoors, just make sure you have enough space.

The heaviness of the Sweaty Betty Skipping Rope also works your arms and it’ll motivate you to keep focused and jump higher (nobody likes the foot-burn from not jumping high enough). The handles themselves are made of wood and ergonomically shaped for a firm and comfortable grip. Available in three colors: mint, neon peach, and neon yellow.

A woman in sports equipment jumping rope, on a white background.

Adjust the length of your skipping rope and practice coordination while burning those calories (Miss Vickies ahem*).

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