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Cycling means many things to many people – mode of transport, physical activity, sport, leisurely pastime. Sixthreezero bikes cater to those who wish to enjoy the ride above anything else. That means that bikers have to feel comfortable, so their design includes a gentle bucket saddle that allows comfortable sitting for longer periods. The balloon tires are there as well, to provide a less bumpy ride, and this bike’s crankset configuration – the sixthreezero Cruiser Smooth Configuration – is made for easy riding.

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But don’t make the mistake of thinking that the designers care only about function, disregarding the form. The bike have a distinctively retro feel. Grips and seat are stitched in matching color, and the bike color itself can be chosen from 9 options. The aforementioned balloon tires add to the retro style apart from their role to make the ride smooth.

As for the performance quality, sixthreezero bikes appear to have covered it well. The bike size is a 26 inch wheel size with a 16 inch frame, and the Cruiser Smooth Configuration is very efficient for commuting. The bike weighs approximately 38lbs. The frame is steel which extremely durable and carries a lifetime warranty, and you can choose between 1-speed, 2-speed or 7-speed bike. The wheels are painted which will prevent rust from occurring on the rims, and the spokes are aluminum.

Sixthreezero Cruiser Bikes

In short, sixthreezero seems to be a product of pure love of easy cycling. But of course, there are people who don’t ride bicycles and wonder why they should bother themselves with them. Well, for one thing, it seems that cycling can make you happier, aside from the fact that it’s good physical activity. It’s very relaxing, especially with sixthreezero bikes, and to quote the article: “Studies have shown that moderate, daily exercise results in improved moods by reducing symptoms of stress, anger, depression, and anxiety.

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Sixthreezero Cruiser Bikes

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