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With how the fashion industry works today, we have closets full of low-quality clothes that don’t last for more than a few washes. Not to mention that these clothes aren’t sustainable to the environment. Believing that high-quality clothing should be affordable, SiiZU created an entire line of comfortable and stylish apparel.

SiiZU wants to raise the bar higher with timeless design clothing that’s easy to wear and can be used in any occasions. Every single item is made from high-quality 100% natural materials imported from Japan and Italy. They use an efficient sourcing system that cuts out the middleman and brings clothes directly to customers. 

SiiZU The Pink Tank

The Tank has a side split and a high-low hem.

In the SiiZu collection you’ll find many versatile items. There’s a simple looking soft tank available in black, blue and pink. Also made from eco-friendly fabric are The U-Neck Tee, with a dropped neckline and The Muscle Tee, with a modern high-low hem. 

The Black U-Neck Tee

The U-Neck Tee is casual and very soft. It’s available in black, blue, white, and pink.

There are a few dresses available in this SiiZU collection. The Shirt Dress With Side Slits is a casual button down dress available in black, ocean blue and baby blue. There’s The Zip Up Dress that just like the previous dress is made from 100% Tencel fabric. This one can be paired with leggings and worn as a longer blouse as well. 

The Shirt Dress With Side Slits

This simple looking shirt dress gives a relaxed look.

The Zip Up Dress

The modern Zip Up Dress comes in black, dark navy and pink.

The last dress in this collection is The Classic Vest Dress. It’s made from 100% Linen fabric and comes in Dark Navy. What’s cool about this dress is that it gives a slim look and can be worn unbuttoned.

The Classic Vest Dress

You can wear this Classic Vest Dress closed or opened up.

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