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If you are a passionate traveler and take every chance you get to go for a trip, you probably often have a problem with packing. Nobody wants to spend hours packing before the trip and then again when preparing to go back home. To organize your toiletry in the best possible way, now you can get the Sidecar toiletry bag by Vesper Faering.

Open Sidecar toiletry bag by Vesper Faering

This toiletry bag will help you organize your accessories in the best way.

What makes the Sidecar so special is the fact that it is fully customizable and created in a way that will fit your every travel need. Depending on what you want to carry and how many things you want to fit in, choose the size and amount of pockets you need – at Vesper Faering they say there are over 400 combinations you could make. Also, you get to choose if you need a liquids bag or a place to put your earrings or your makeup brush – no problem, they have got you covered.

Sidecar toiletry bag by Vesper Faering pockets and liquids bag

Whatever it is that you need organized, taken care of or put in a safe place – Sidecar toiletry bag by Vesper Faering has a solution for you.

The Vesper Faering Sidecar is going to help you stay organized on your trips and spend less time trying to find things – and more time enjoying them. So, pick your favorite colors out of 50 different options (you can even choose the color of Vesper Faering logo and the leather bottom part), decide if you want it monogramed and what kinds of pockets you need. The bags are hand-made and the material is water and dirt resistant so, if you can find a flaw in this product, please let us know.

Sidecar toiletry bag by Vesper Faering in different colors

Pick out of 50 different color combinations and find your perfect match!

This amazing travel companion that fulfills all your wishes is currently on Kickstarter – back it and be one of the first people to have it.

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