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Going into summer, it’s kind of inevitable that you’re going to get some sun, even if you’re adamant about using sunscreen. It becomes a challenge when you start to get some color, and the foundation or other face makeup you were using suddenly becomes mismatched and unusable. Enter the Shade Adjusting Drops by The Body Shop.

shade matching drops the body shop lightening and darkening

These Lightening and Darkening drops are the ultimate solution. The Darkening drops are perfect for making your winter foundation the perfect match for your summer skin tone or darkening your everyday foundation that’s just not quite dark enough. The Lightening drops are great for the very fair-skinned who struggle to find foundations that are light enough in color, or for those who go through a couple months of winter and end up losing their natural tan.

At only $20 a bottle, these Shade Adjusting Drops are a perfect solution for solving all your foundation and face makeup woes. Product hack? Use the darkening drops as a liquid contour! Get yours here.




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