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Sensio Spa Deep Pore Cleanser will make your skin feel like new. Hands down. It helps keep it fresh and give you the ultimate massage at the same time. Clean your pores more thoroughly without any of that irritating scrubbing and you’ll see your face gentle and healthier in no time. The three silicone brush types are very easy to use, it looks sleek and you can use it for multiple things: use it to remove makeup, clean and massage your face and clean out those clogged pores or skin impurities from the long day (yes, please).

Sensio Spa Deep Pore Cleanser waterproof

Sensio Spa Deep Pore Cleanser is waterproof and you can use it while showering.

Sensio Spay Deep Pore Cleanser provides 6000 pulsations per minute. You can adjust intensity levels, from gentle, delicate, to powerful cleaning. Simply charge it to full capacity and it’ll last two hours on a single charge and comes with an auto-shut off after 15 minutes.

Sensio Spa Deep Pore Cleanser

You can use it for removing makeup, cleaning your face and pores.

Its compact size makes it easy to pack it and take with you when you travel. Get it on the Sensio Spa Website in the link up top.

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