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We bet that plenty a time you have woken up feeling groggy, had a terrible night’s sleep, and tossed and turned for hours without really knowing why. You all know that sleeping properly is essential to maintaining a healthy body and mind, and we won’t even have to guess how many of you have suffered from lack of sleep. Poor quality sleep can severely affect mood, concentration and productivity, particularly if it’s prolonged. Also, perpetual lack of sleep even makes you age faster. So, with all of the worrying facts about lack of sleep in mind, we have searched for a gadget that could be the end of your sleep struggles and we found the Sense by Hello.

Sense, designed by Hello, is an effective sleep monitor that has five sensors which record noise and light levels, temperature, humidity and air particles.

Sense is the first system that allows you to understand and monitor your sleeping patterns and your bedroom’s environment by tracking your sleeping patterns, and monitoring your bedroom conditions. It also reinvents the alarm so that you can sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed. Sense works with two parts. The Sense Device sits on your bedside table and monitors humidity, particles in the air, temperature, light and noise which indicates what could be hindering your sleep. The second device is the Sleep Pill that attaches to your pillow and armed with a highly sensitive gyroscope and accelerometer which informs the Sense system when you’re falling asleep, soundly asleep, and waking up. The best of all is that the Sense system works via a smartphone application that seamlessly streams data via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Sense Sleep Monitor by Hello

Sense has five sensors inside – Sensitive Microphone (which records snoring, sleep talking and other nightly disturbances), Ambient Light Sensor (monitors the light levels in your bedroom), Temperature and Humidity Sensors, Particulate Sensor (spots the tiniest of particles floating in the air) and Speaker (plays the wake-up sounds).

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