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We have all used planners, to-do-lists, agendas, online egg timers, diaries and whatnots to infuse some structure into our lives, albeit with more or less success. The planner we are featuring today is probably unlike any you have used so far. It is aptly called The Self Journal and it is based on the time management strategies implemented by the most successful high-performing people in the world. The whole idea of The Self Journal is actually to help you become more productive but less busy.

The Self Journal Daily Planner more productive but less busy

This planner is the brainchild of Cathryn Lavery and Allen Brouwer from Best Self Co. who are “on a mission to create meaningful products that help people become their best self”. So, what is so novel and unheard of about this planner you may ask? First of all, the premise on which the journal is based is something that we can all relate to. We have all asked ourselves questions like “What can help me to achieve my goals?”, “What do I need to do to be successful?”, and “Why am I not progressing like I want to?”. Cathryn and Allen, the creators of the Self Journal, have asked themselves the very same questions and used those questions as a starting point in creating the Self Journal.

The Self Journal Daily Planner

They concluded that the ability to plan, effectively execute and track progress were of crucial importance when working towards reaching one’s goals. And this is exactly what the Self Journal will help you to do. This planner doesn’t have dates so that you never feel like you are falling behind and it is very personal rather than generic. In the Self Journal there are categories like Result Goals, Progress Goals, Actions + Tasks, Today’s Targets, Lessons Learned, Weekly Milestones… The daily timeline is divided into half an hour increments, and there are plenty of inspirational quotes to get you going.

This is a very powerful and incredibly simple planner that will not only improve your time management on day-to-day basis, and help you achieve your goals and dreams, but will also leave more room for enjoyment in your life.

The Self Journal Daily Planner

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