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When choosing soap, you probably look for those that are kind to your skin, not too drying, preferably those that contain natural essential oils which make the skin soft and supple. Soaps with added sea salt actually do all of the above and even more. There is a common misconception that sea salt soap dries out the skin too much and we are here to prove differently. These soaps can nourish the skin just as much as those that don’t contain salt. Just ask Artisan Bath & Body and check out their collection of handmade sea salt soaps.

The benefits of sea salt are quite well known. Most bath salts are actually sea salt with a bit of added color. Sea salt is a great exfoliator. Ancient Greeks and Romans used it to relax and decompress. Sea salt improves circulation, it has antiseptic properties, it softens the skin without a greasy feel and it provides numerous nutrients to the skin.

Sea Salt Sopas by Artisan Bath & Body

The Artisan Bath & Body collection comprises of five different soaps – Sea Salt & Charcoal Soap, Sea Salt & Clay Soap, Sea Salt & Agave & Lime Soap, Sea Salt & Ylang & Lavender Soap, and Sea Salt & Rose Geranium Soap.

The one with Clay contains coconut oil, virgin wheat germ oil, castor oil and Kaolin Clay and is great for sensitive skin. The Sea Salt & Ylang & Lavender soap produces amazing lather and is suitable for all skin types, while the one with Charcoal, which is the most popular, improves blood circulation while eliminating toxins. All of these soaps will give you that squeaky clean, fresh feel and will last you for quite a long time.

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