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For those of you who still use the traditional camera (and I know you still exist, otherwise nobody would sell these) and professional photographers, there is something that might make your hobby/job more fashion friendly. If you use some more sophisticated lenses, or anything that might make your camera heavy, chances are you will use a strap. Well if you use a strap, why not make it beautiful? The way to do it is using Scarf Camera Straps. You might think that scarves are exclusively tied to winter. Well, not really. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, it will surely freshen up your outfit, and give you a touch of elegance. Function and fashion is the way to go.

Indie Scarf Camera Strap

The choice of scarves is enormous. Colors range from black and white to blue algae colors. Styles vary from mosaic tile to striped ones. It’s literally impossible not to find the one to suit your taste. It can be expected to see a surge in classic camera selfies, since it would be such a shame not to photograph the photographer with one of these scarf straps.

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Scarf Camera Straps

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