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Before the most popular fashion bloggers of today like Chiara Ferragni and Wendy Nguyen, there was Scott Schuman and his immensely popular and influential blog called The Sartorialist which now has over 14 million views per month. Scott is known for taking pictures of people in the street whose fashion sense is quirky, out of ordinary and inspirational and then posting them to his blog. If you like Scott’s work (as many people do) or you are intrigued by his approach to fashion, then, by all means, check out his book The Sartorialist: X.

TheSartoralist X by Scott Schuman

The book is third in the series of books that Scott wrote based on his street-style blog. It has 512 pages brimming with images of men and women from cities like New York, London and Milan whose fashion sense and taste are deserving of a photograph. Scott took his search for fashion-minded individuals even further and included images of the Sartorialist-worthy people from India, the United Arab Emirates, Peru and South Africa in his book.

TheSartoralist X by Scott Schuman

The Sartorialist: X is a great source of photographic and style inspiration. It is a gold mine of different fashion styles, eclectic wardrobe and lifestyle choices. The New York Times praises the book: “The quirky, the refined, the interesting, the elegant, and the sometimes outrageous come together in a visual history . . . chock-full of photographs you want to pore over with your friend.”, and advises that you should definitely make room for it on your bookshelf.

Get it from Amazon here.

TheSartoralist X by Scott Schuman

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