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Did you know that you can decorate your flat or office in a way that can help you to fulfill your dreams, achieve your goals and materialize your vision? City Sage blogger and style savant Anne Sage believes so. In her book “Sage Living: Decorate for the Life You Want”, Anne opens doors to houses that were decorated to make the dreams and aims of their occupants come true. Not only that, each of these homes come with a warm, engagingly written story about the occupants and their quest to design their dwellings in sync with the life they want.

Sample page from Sage Living Decorate For The Life You Want By Anna Sage

In this book, discover the houses decorated by Anna Sage

The book’s lavishly illustrated 208 pages also contain a wealth of designing and decorating tips so the readers can furnish their apartments and houses to their exact taste, preference, life priorities and ambitions. Anne Sage’s book features homes of ordinary people who have managed to decorate them in a way that will make them feel inspired. There is an open-plan kitchen of a holistic nutritionist, a colorful living room designed by a world traveler and various other interesting characters whose homes are a wonderful reflection of their personalities.

Interior design example from Sage Living Decorate For The Life You Want By Anna Sage

Also learn how to make your living space match your personality.

“Sage Living” is more than just a stylized home design book. The author’s approach actually humanizes the subjects that the book portrays and inspires readers to decorate their own homes that will suit their individuality. A style blogger and TV personality Emily Henderson says that this is a book that “breaks down the relationship between our home and our happiness.” As she eloquently puts it – “our home makes us happy, and, in turn, our happiness makes our home”.

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