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It didn’t take long for computers to move from an occasional tool used for work, play or communication to the principal device in our lives. It has been estimated that people spend around 7 hours on computers a day. There is also another worrisome fact to consider – sitting at a computer for a prolonged amount of time is not only detrimental to our eyesight, but also to your neck, shoulders, back and posture. If there is no way or means for you to cut down on your computer time, why not try to alleviate the health problems associated with an extended computer usage? This clever gadget might help. It is called Roost Laptop Stand and it is created by James Olander.
Roost is an ultra-portable, lightweight laptop stand

Olander has created Roost Laptop Stand to “improve posture and help eliminate pain and Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) for laptop users”. Now, there are many laptop stands out there on the market and you are probably wondering what makes this one stand out. Well, several quite clever features actually… Roost Laptop Stand elevates your laptop to eye-level to prevent the so-called laptop hunch. In order to use this stand, you will need a portable keyboard and a mouse but considering the long-term benefits of using this product, that is a minor cost to bear.

Roost Laptop Stand

Roost Laptop Stand has a few other cool features – it is very simple to use, it is height-adjustable, very lightweight (it weighs only 5.8 ounces), it is universally compatible with various brands of laptops, and it is portable, foldable and extremely stable. The stand is currently available for pre-order. It’s designer James Olander is currently running a quite successful Kickstarter campaign and he is a half way through to raise funds for mass production.

Roost Laptop Stand

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