Roo Camping Hammock by Kammok

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There’s something seriously peaceful about hammock chillin’. Whether it’s in your backyard, at the park, or while camping, the hammock life is on a level of its own. If you’re looking for a camping or travel hammock, the Kammok Roo is a great option – it’s durable, lightweight, pack-able, and easy to set up and take down. And, through a partnership with Malaria No More, Kammok is helping children in Africa diagnosed with Malaria with every Roo hammock purchased.

Kammok uses their own proprietary LunarWave diamond nylon ripstop fabric, which is durable, tear-resistant, lightweight, and breathable. As with most ripstop nylon fabrics, it’s incredibly strong, and the Roo can bear a maximum weight of 500 lbs. It’s also large enough to accommodate two people, so that’s great if you’re camping with a partner. As we mentioned, the Roo is also highly pack-able – it folds into a water-resistant compression sack the size of “an angry blowfish.” That’s about 6.5 x 5.5 inches, in case you were wondering. When packed, it weighs just 1 lb 8 oz, so it’s great for backpacking or overnight hikes.

roo kammok camping hammock


The Roo is available in six different colors (you can find the ones REI doesn’t carry on Amazon here). To complete the Kammok experience, check out the Python Straps for a super quick and easy way to set the Roo up between trees and other fixed objects, and definitely check out the Dragonfly Bug Net if you’re going to be camping in a buggy area.

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