RokPak | The World’s First Solar, Battery Pack, Drybox All In One

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Most serious outdoor enthusiasts would agree that, while fully immersing yourself in nature provides a high like no other, it’s still necessary to stay technologically connected. And staying technologically connected requires power. The RokPak Pioneer Series introduces the ultimate in mobile power, combining solar charging, battery charging, and rugged waterproof storage into one incredibly practical device.

rokpak pioneer series battery charger drypack

The Pioneer Series is the first of its kind, and is perfect for all outdoor adventures, sports and activities. It’s seriously rugged, having passed Military Standard 810G drop testing and IP67 waterproof certification, so you can take it rock climbing or kayaking, and you won’t have to worry about damage to the unit itself or to your device(s) inside.

rokpak pioneer series battery solar charger drypack

The RokPak features two smart USB charging ports compatible with any USB device, like your iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet, GPS, camera, bluetooth speaker, and more. Before heading out, simply fully charge the 12,000-mAh lithium ion battery at home, and allow the solar panel to recharge the battery after you’ve used it to charge your device. The RokPak also features a flashlight that doubles as a notification system (it’ll flash when your phone that’s being stored inside gets a call or text) as well as an emergency SOS beacon.

rokpak pioneer series charger drypack

Available in three colors – camouflage, marine blue and safety orange – the RokPak is currently being funded on Kickstarter and can be yours for a pledge of $179 while units last.


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