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Plantfolk Apothecary creates handcrafted products made from sustainable and organic herbs. Each product is packed in cute little bottles and produced in small batches. They have really cool products for body, hair, skin, but the ones we especially liked are Ritual And Plant Spirit products. They’re made to help us relax and feel refreshed. 

Sacred Space Plantfolk Apothecary

Sacred Space is a mist that will refresh the air and help you relax.

Just like the name says, Sacred Space is an aromatic smudge mist made with some of the most sacred plants in the world. It’s a blend of desert sage extract, white sage, palo santo, holy basil, white fir and different flower essences. Sacred Space will clear the air, invite fresh energy in and help us find sacredness every day. It comes in a 2-ounce spray bottle, and you can use whenever you feel the need. 

Moon Water Plantfolk Apothecary

Moon Water will cool and hydrate your skin.

Moon Water is cooling and hydrating body mist. It contains organic aloe vera gel combined with plant and floral waters. The flower essence of moonflower is even made on the full moon. It’s also packed in a cute little spray bottle, and when you want to use it, just apply on skin. Hint- if you want it to be especially nice, use it on the back of the neck. 

Moonlight In Her Hair Plantfolk Apothecary

Moonlight In Her Hair is a blend of flowers and herbs that will nurture your hair.

One more awesome product from Ritual And Plant Spirits is Moonlight In Her Hair. This lunar ritual hair rinse is a natural blend of flowers and herbs. It’ll nourish your hair and make it shiny and beautiful. The best way to use it is to infuse it in hot water, the longer the better. Pour it over your hair and leave it to sit as long as possible. Flowers and minerals will give your hair all the necessary minerals, and you’ll enjoy the wonderful smell of this ritual organic blend. 

If you liked these natural products as much as we did, make sure to check out more of Plantfolk Apothecary

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